Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Asian take on autumn weather

So the weather outside is gruesome. Its like a tropical thunderstorm and I think the world is going to end. I am on my island right now, and it is summer so I don't understand this, but whatever.
I was feeling in the mood for something comforting and creamy, you would eat in fall inspired by the weather, but I also had a bunch of asian shit lying around because I am obsessed.
Also this little pasta dish contains shiitake mushrooms, and as you all know (or maybe not) mushrooms are like the only vegan food that contains Vitamin D. I kind of think it's natures gift for us in the fall and winter when the sun no longer shines the way it does in summer and we can't get enough vitamin D from the sun. Anyway, I don't think this one day of winter weather is going to cause me a vitamin D deficiency but I was just in the mood. Also the pasta I used in this recipe is cognac pasta, which I don't know if you are familiar with. Its made out of a special type of mushroom or seaweed or something and has essentially no calories. You're welcome!
So the recipe...

1 package of spinach cognac pasta (I used the Dukan brand, even though that diet is bullshit in my opinion, excuse my french)
2 shiitake mushrooms
2 ounces of tofu
1/2 small onion
3 tbsp of vegan bifidus cream (mine was made with soy)
2 tbsp of nori flakes
Sesame Oil
Sesame seeds
Cayenne pepper
Soy sauce
Fresh cilantro to taste
Lemon or lime
Ginger to taste

So start of by preparing the cognac pasta whatever way it says on the package. I had to rinse mine and leave it in hot water for a minute. Then I went on and put it in a pan over low heat and added some powdered ginger to it, a teaspoon of sesame oil, a tbsp of the cream and 1-2 tbsp of nori flakes. 
Then chop of your onion, your mushrooms, your ginger and your tofu and put that into another pan with a teaspoon of sesame oil over medium-high heat. When it's cooked add a tbsp of cream to this pan too as well as a tsp of honey & then mix it into the other pan and cook that for about a minute or too over high heat.
To finish add the cilantro leaves, the lemon or lime juice and a tablespoon of soy sauce and transfer the whole thing onto your plate or bowl. Top it off with some sesame seeds and a cilantro leaf, and if you like spicy some cayenne pepper flakes (those rally warmed me up).

Bon appétit lovelies,

I hope the weather is better where you live,



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