Saturday, November 15, 2014

Caramelized Sage Shiitake Quinoa Pasta

This is so fucking good, it's been two weeks and Im still not over it.

1 portion Quinoa Spaghetti 
3 Organic Shiitake mushrooms
2 twigs Sage
1-2 tbsp walnut halves
Pumpkin seed/Sesame oil
Tiny drizzle of Soy sauce
Sea Salt
Nutritional yeast
Ginger (thumbnail size)

Cook the Quinoa Spaghetti and clean and cut the shiitakes into strips.
Heat a medium pan with sesame oil and roast the mushrooms along with the grated ginger, walnuts and the Sage. Add the Pasta once it's cooked and drained and caramelize it in a tiny drizzle of agave. 
Also add the nutritional yeast.

Enjoy as much as I did,


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