Sunday, December 7, 2014

Healthy Twist on the traditional German Asparagus

This dish makes me so nostalgic. Growing up in Germany, with nearing asparagus time we would eat this at least once a week. Traditional set up being: White asparagus, Ham, sauce hollandaise and white potatoes with parsley and butter. If you're vegan or you just want to feed your body as best you can it doesn't have to mean that you won't get to experience these feelings of childhood comfort food again.
All you need to do is slightly alter it - but do pour in your love sparingly.

1/2 bunch trader joe's green asparagus.
1 small organic sweet potato
1/2 organic zucchini
3 Tofurky slices
2 tbsp earth-balance margarine-like spread
Dash Turmeric
Ground black pepper
sea Salt

Wash all your veggies, cut the ends of the asparagus, peel the sweet potato and cut the zucchini and the sweet potato into discs. I use my Asian Bamboo Steamer to cook my veggies because it intensifies their color, flavor and keeps most of the nutrients in while making them easy to digest.
Once cooked cube/chop the zucchini and set aside in little bowl.
Mash the Sweet potato with a fork and a teaspoon of earth balance and then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Separate the asparagus into 3 little bunches and use the Tofurky slices as a blanket covering it around each bunch.
For the sauce take a sauce pan and melt the earth balance and add in salt pepper and a dash of turmeric.
Take a plate with an indentation and pour the sauce into it.
Then you can decoratively place your ingredients, using your own creativity or simply copying my lay out from the photo.

Enjoy, have a great sunday and 2nd Advent,



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