Sunday, May 24, 2015

A tropical rainbow salad if ive ever seen one

Guys its been so long and I am sorry, I was busy living and what-not.
But here I am blogging again, fresher than ever, but not fresher than this salad because lets face it...
I discovered for almost an entire year I have been living two blocks away from a cute little farmers market with the freshest cheapest stuff ever. And well, saying I went overboard would be understating it. I might post a photo on Instagram of how much shit I had to carry home. If you aren't following me over there now would be a good moment to do so.
This salad looks A LOT smaller in the photos, it was actually huge and enough for three people but my stomach knows no bounds when it comes to salad.

I don't want to ramble to much, so without further ado I will get straight to the recipe.


Boston Lettuce base (about 2 little heads)
1 big leaf of organic kale
1 orange
1/2 orange bell pepper
1/2-1 big tomato
1 handful of raspberries
1 handful of mulberries
1/2 Asian yam (basically a white sweet potato)
1 tsp Flaxseeds 
2 springs cilantro 
1 clove of garlic
Wasabi powder (optional)

Juice of 1 lemon
1 tbsp of soy sauce
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp nutritional yeast 
1 tsp of agave
1 tsp-tbsp olive oil

Cut the ingredients up, steam the sweet potato (or yam whatever) and sprinkle it with Wasabi powder. Mix ingredients for dressing and you're done.


Have fun eating this & feel your organs dance and ignite like a hippie on a trip, except without the negative side effects, although you might get addicted. 

So much love for all you birdies




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