Saturday, May 2, 2015

Indie Mango Veggie Maki Sushi for the Scared College Student who has Nothing

Hello and welcome to paradise, let me introduce you to this ^^^
I can't believe this day has come, but today my life changed forever. All these years I made excuses, I was scared... I didn't want to fail and I just didn't believe in myself enough to attempt it. "It's too hard", I said "I don't have the tools", "It won't work". No more excuses. I did it! I jumped outside of my comfort zone. I made my own Sushi!
It's not perfect, but nobody is and I am not going to condone food body shaming. No Sir.
So this was super Indie/Alternative/Hip/Improvised, because I do not own one of those bamboo roller thingies, nor do I have rice vinegar or real Sushi Rice.
Here is what I did to produce this little miracle plate, and I PROMISE anyone can do this if they have the courage:


1-2 cups slightly over-cooked Indian Basmati Rice (It'll stick better)

2-3 Nori sheets
1/2 cup red cabbage
1/2 cup frozen mango (cut into strips)
1/2 cup frisée lettuce
1/2 cup green bell pepper strips

& of course:

- Soy Sauce
- Wasabi: So, I recently found out that Wasabi paste you get in restaurant actually contains a bunch of shit, like preservatives and colorants and is actually mostly HORSERADISH. Yup. Not the real Wasabi root that has been used by the Japanese for centuries because of it's digestive and antibacterial properties. It makes sense, since Sushi is mostly raw fish, to eat it along side an antibacterial root paste (that sounds gross, but I am actually OBSESSED with Wasabi if you can't tell from my frequent use of it in my other recipes), and pickled ginger which is amazing for digestion, which is necessary since meat is really hard to digest.
So the Wasabi I use is actually a powder you mix with water, and it's 51% real Wasabi, which is A LOT more than other *cough* horseradish spreads can say about themselves. The other two ingredients are horseradish and mustard. I got it at Whole Foods and I really recommend it. 

- Pickled Ginger (optional, since this recipe is Vegan and our bodies love digesting veggies)

Spread a sheet of nori on a clean, plane surface and spread about 4 tbsp of the basmati rice on to it. To be honest, this is totally estimated, I was too excited and concentrated to measure it out.

Then add the bell pepper, cabbage, lettuce and mango, respectively and roll it up. Try to apply as much pressure as possible without ripping the paper, It's like when you go camping and you roll up your air mattress thing as tight as you can, and you have to redo it like 4 times 'cause air keeps slipping in, except with Sushi you can't redo it. So don't fuck up. It's like life...
Now take a super sharp knife (seriously) and cut the big thingy into small Makis/pieces and yeah... That's it.

Have faith pigeons, you can do it.


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