Saturday, June 20, 2015

Soba noodles with sea weed salad & semi-caramelized Tofu

As promised and announced on Instagram I am writing the recipe to this beautiful lunch bowl.
I have been eating variations of this everyday for the entire last week. I LOVE soba noodles with all my heart, I got these in Chinatown, and Seaweed Salad is everything. I also like Tofu more than I should since its not the healthiest thing to eat, but I don't see a problem with it if it's organic and in moderation. Any Soy-products you buy should ALWAYS be organic & non-gmo since the major controversy with soy is the fact that almost all of it is genetically modified (GMO). I find that in moderation its great to switch things up and of course, its high in (the very over-rated) protein, which is great if you are a body builder or looking to build muscle in general. Soy should probably be kept to 1-2 a week for maximum health benefits. I hope I didn't completely put you off lol.

1 portion Soba noodles 

1-2 ounces Tofu
2-3 mushrooms of your choice
1/4 of a white onion
Store-bought quality, possibly organic, Seaweed Salad 
1 tsp coconut/sesame oil
black ground pepper (always a must with mushrooms)
Soy Sauce
White miso
Chili Powder

Cook the noodles according to instructions. Meanwhile cube the tofu and cut the onions and the mushrooms. Roast the onions in a tiny bit of coconut or sesame oil (I used coconut but toasted sesame oil would be perfect for this), and add the mushrooms once they are starting to get a lil' tan. Add 1/2 tsp of the miso and a tiny drizzle of agave and extinguish the whole thing with some soy sauce.

Bowl the noodles and drape the veggies on them sensually, then add a tiny bit of the chili powder & the pepper and you is doneeeeee!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of heaven, I certainly did. Also: recent addiction to eating with chopsticks anyone? I feel like it helps you with portion control and it makes me feel a little more special. 

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