Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sweet potato buckwheat soba noodles with squash & secret

Super quick and easy recipe today, but I believe its simplicity is what makes it beautiful. The ingredients are so fresh and pure that they leave enough space to taste the real secret to this recipe: Sesame Oil. And I try to keep my fat intake as low as possible, so I figured out that you really didn't need a lot. I used about a teaspoon and the flavor was super predominant. Make sure you use toasted sesame oil though, makes a huge difference. 

King Soba Buckwheat Sweet potato noodles (1/2 package for one person)
1 carrot
1 cup of winter pea shoot sprouts
1-2 cups of your fav squash. I say favorite because I have no idea what kind this is. Some Asian type with a weird name and a salty taste. If you have any idea what it is called please comment below <3
Soy Sauce
TOASTED Sesame Oil
Dried Dill

Pretty self explanatory:
You cook the pasta following the ingredients written on the package obviously. Unless you just want a huge sticky nest...
Meanwhile you steam your squash in your bamboo steamer that I've talked about in this post:

Cut your sprouts and shave your carrots, which sounds like an anti body hair campaign, and then just put it all in a bowl however you want. Then you sprinkle it with dill, soy-sauce and most importantly the Sesame Oil and you feast.

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