Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hot Ensalada Mexicana

I don't eat a heap of meat substitutes in my regular diet, but my roommate came home with these dried soy stake thingies and he didn't check the package to see how they were made and just tried frying them in the pan...

 When they started to burn we were freaking out and found out that you had to boil them first. So we did. Suddenly they blew up to about 4 times their size and we were left with a big family sized portion we had to try and eat between the two of us before it went bad. It took me a while until I figured out how to make them taste good, but oh did I succeed...

Ingredients Tofu:

Vegetable Protein, tofu or tempeh
Spicy sweet and sour sauce

Avocado Oil
Soy Sauce

I dried them, and then cut them into little cubes before grilling them in a little avocado oil. Then I added spices (turmeric, paprika, curry, cumin) & a little soy sauce. Then I poured some sweet and sour hot sauce over it and it kind of caramelized the whole thing and OH MY GOD... So good...

Ingredients Salad:

1-2 Romaine lettuce hearts 1/2 Red Bell pepper
1/2 Tomato
2 small boiled potatoes
1 tbsp jalapeños
1/4 Avocado

Dressing: Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper and little Tabasco (optional).

For the rest of the salad I just chopped up some red bell pepper, tomato & some left over boiled potatoes. For a little Mexican feel I added avocado and jalapeño peppers.

I have been weirdly obsessed with spicy food, so naturally I make everything spicy, from oatmeal to salads. 

Okay, I haven't managed to make my oatmeal spicy yet, but I'll find a way (determined biceps emoji).

Enjoy little Mindfoodists,

J x


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