Monday, March 14, 2016

Breakfast for Royalty

I went to Potsdam the other day, and if you are from Berlin or have been here a while you will know why. The only reason people go to Potsdam, is that castle thing called "Sanssouci". 
I don't see anything wrong in doing the touristy things your city or town has to offer, even if you have been there for a while. I love learning new things about my country, its culture and especially other eras. 
The whole thing was so magical and beautiful, and definitely home goals. Apparently the king, I forgot his name, was obsessed with fruit. He had his own little greenhouse in the backyard where he grew his own food, and loved having visitors over to dine together. The entire place was full or nature inspired ornaments, like flowers animals and well, fruit. His favorite fruit, just like mine, was said to be the cherry, but he also loved bananas & that combined with todays weather got me in the mood for some nice cream.
As I was making it I realized how lucky we are nowadays. 

Back in those times not everybody had access to fruit like we do today. It was a thing of the royal and the rich. From what I've seen in movies (and we all know how accurate movies are) all people ate was bread, legumes and potatoes. Note that its possible to live on starches by the way. Meat was also seldomly served on peasant tables. And well yea I a lot of them died from the plague and other things, but that had more to do with the lack of development like we know it today within the medical care sector.
So I want to make you aware (or remind you)of the fact that we all live like kings and queens. We have everything we need really...
We might not live in castles as beautiful as Sanssouci (or at all),

but we can dine like his majesty, and why not keep that in mind when you prepare your majestical bowl of banana ice-cream today?

Here is what I put in my super exotic gourmet nice cream:

Base: 2-3 frozen bananas & 1 handful of kale


- Strawberries
- Passion fruit
- Physalis
- Banana
- Buckwheat
- Cacao nibs
- Chia 
- A little almond butter

Forever grateful for all my blessings obviously ❤

Have a beautiful beautiful day,

J x


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