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Coconut rice noodles with fried tofu & cilantro

Hello everybody!
No, you aren't going crazy, this blog looks completely different. Better? Why, thank you, I agree :)
I gave "The Mindfoodist" A little birthday treat, as it is turning two tomorrow. This is the point where people say: "I can't believe it has been two years already", but honestly, it felt like a solid two years.
The old template was being funky and it did feel very vintage, and not in the good way.
Something else I should probably acknowledge is that Im a very irregular blogger, and Im sorry. A lot has happened in my life, and I needed some time to digest it it. Digest, get it? Right...
Besides the food side of my blog I am also relaunching my lifestyle section, and you can look forward to more regular posts on my whereabouts and philosophies, because we really don't have enough lifestyle bloggers. I promise to make it as personal and authentic as possible while still holding up with its artsy competitors. I am traveling quite a bit these coming months and I am taking all my beautiful readers with me on my vegan adventures. To avoid missing any of that follow me on Bloglovin ( or here Google.

So now that all that is said, let me continue with the recipe:

This is a beautiful summer alternative to any hot rice dishes that tend to feel very heavy in these warm summer months ('coughs' because its been raining in Berlin for the last two weeks).
For this recipe you need a lot of different topping style ingredients, that I pre-prep for meals like this and use throughout the week. Obviously you can use any combination of toppings, but this is a combination that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Serves: 1 (just double the amount if you're cooking for two)    Time: 10-20 minutes   Calories: Don't matter.


1 portion of Rice noodles
1/2 carrot (sliced into strips)
1/2 chopped onion
1/2 thinly sliced cucumber
1 small chili pepper
3 springs of cilantro
some shredded romaine lettuce heart
a chunk of crushed ginger
1/2 a block of Tofu
1 tbsp of coconut oil
1-3 tsp of coconut oil for frying (depends on the size of your pan)
1/2 can of coconut milk
1 tsp of black sesame
1/2 lemon

This recipe is super simple, and ready within 10 minutes.
You start by cooking the pasta according to its instructions and prepare you toppings.

- Shred the romaine lettuce
- Pick the Cilantro leaves
- Mandolin the cucumber
- set aside the lemon and the sesame seeds

Then you slice the carrot into strips and cut your onion and your ginger.
You heat 1 tsp of coconut oil over medium temperature and add you onion and ginger, and shortly after, the carrots. Just before the onion looks golden and the carrots still crisp you add the coconut milk and wait for it to really mix in with the aromas.

Your pasta should be cooked by now (it usually takes only 5 minutes so I hope you didn't lose yourself in the meditation that is prepping veggies), so you drain it, run some cold water over it and mix it into the pan with your sauce. Turn off the oven, but let it simmer for a minute on the warm surface of the stove.

I do like this dish cold, so if you have a little time you can leave it aside in the fridge, but it makes for a beautiful winter lunch too.

Meanwhile, take your block of tofu and cut off to slices. Cut them off of the largest surface and then half them diagonally so you get little triangles (as shown on the picture), or do whatever the hell you want if you're not into the Illuminati theme.

You fry these little blocks of wonder in 1 tbsp or two of coconut oil until they are golden and crispy.

Your pasta sauce goodness should be ready to be bowled (coining that), and decorated with your lovingly prepped toppings: romaine lettuce, cucumber, cilantro, chili, tofu and sprinkles of sesame and lemon.

I love the mildness of this dish, but if you need more flavor I recommend a dash of soy-sauce, some coconut sugar or a little himalayan salt.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

My social media accounts are now linked at the top right of my page, so if you do decide to make this I would LOVE if you tweeted or instagrammed me a photo of your creation.

Thank you for reading,

Have an amazing evening,

The Mindfoodist x


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