Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mexican salad bowl

Hello lovelies, 
This weeks recipe is simple, quick and perfect for any or your summer barbecues.
I recently went to a friends birthday grill picknick and I was the only vegan. There were two vegetarian girls who popped a soy steak on the bbq, but I personally don't enjoy the fake meat because often it reminds me too much of the real thing and it just doesn't sit well in my stomach. My favourite part of barbecues were always the salads and sides. My personal favourite: Corn on the cob. There is nothing that makes me feel more like summer than a good old corn cob. In this salad I combined it with some grilled tofu and some fresh crispy veg. You can just pack all the ingredients in containers and serve them at whatever location you choose for your picknick, or even just have it at home as I did.
Barbecue does NOT mean meat. Lets get cooking.

Ingredients (2 people):

1 cooked corn on the cob
1 package organic mixed greens
1/2 radicchio
1 Persian cucumber
1 big tomato
1/2 cup of chickpeas
1/2 avocado
1/2 block of tofu
marinated in chipotle sauce, spanish herbs and a little avocado oil

1 tbsp olive oil, avocado oil works great as well
3 tbsp vinegar
tbsp nutritional yeast
Salt & pepper
chilli powder

Chop up all the fresh ingredients and divide them onto two plates or   bowls. Grill the corn in a pan or on a grill, and dice the tofu and fry it in a pan.

Mix the dressing and add to taste.

Hope you enjoyed this post & I hope you are enjoying your summer,

Get out and grab some sunshine while you can,


J x

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