Sunday, July 3, 2016

I really miss your blueberry pancakes

Good morning Mindfoodists,

Hope you're all well. Its a sunday so I thought, what better idea than to post another pancake recipe for all my readers with a huge sweet-tooth like mine.

The title inspired by one of my favourite songs by Fink.

This is the third pancake recipe I post. Check out my other two recipes:

6 ingredients gluten-ree HCLF pancakes:
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I still stand by what I say in the introduction of my chocolate chip pancake recipe I posted two years ago, so I will quote myself (because I can):

"Now what does a Vegan have for Brunch if they can't have dairy or eggs? A healthier version of whatever you usually have:Vegan Superfood Protein Pancakes, instead of high-fructose corn syrup infused foamy, rubbery, white flour, glutinous excuses for traditional style pancakes (because trust me, the modern pancake is not what the creator of pancakes had in mind). And I get to stay healthy and lean, so who's conflicted now?"

For me there is NOTHING appealing to the pancake stacks I see people gulp down in diners. First of all you feel like literal shit afterwards (even though they will most likely constipate you in the worst way possible), they break you out, clog your arteries and give you wrinkles AND I personally think they taste like puss and periods... Makes sense since thats what they are made out off. No wonder people pour syrup over it like there is no tomorrow, because there probably won't be, and they taste like nothing otherwise.

Enough shade thrown at non plant-based pancakes, let me present you my latest version; a beautiful, juicy, healthy goodness-filled breakfast for two.

Ingredients (2 hungry people):

200 grams gluten-free flour
200 ml rice or coconut milk
About a 1/4 cup of mineral water/seltzer (put in all the dry ingredients and the "milk" first and see how much more liquid it needs, remembering that it needs to be thick enough to hold the blueberries without falling apart)
1/4 cup coconut sugar
1 mashed very spotty banana
1 tbsp flax meal
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 dash of sea salt
1 cup of fresh wild blueberries
Powdered sugar or a syrup of your choice to top it off (I chose coconut syrup)
Coconut oil for cooking

Mix the flour with the baking soda, the flaxseed meal and the "milk". Mix it well and let it sit. Mash up the banana, mix it with the coconut sugar and sea salt and then stir it in with the other part. Add in the seltzer and let it fizz.
Heat a medium sized pan over medium heat and add a little coconut oil (about a tsp) and then add in 2 tbsp of the batter. After about 30 seconds you can start adding in some blueberries and kind of go by your gut when it comes to flipping it. After adding the fruit i use the batter spoon to dab a little more over them to lock them in.
The more blueberries you add in, the harder it is to keep the cake from falling apart, so if you're a perfectionist or the aesthetic of your food is of importance to you keep it easy on the fruit at first before you start to get a feel for it. After a couple of times of making these I actually managed the pan flip. Felt super cool.
And thats it to be honest, stack them nicely, add some garnish and serve to your very hungry spouse or, in my case, best friend.

You could also add 1 tbsp of carob powder to the mix instead of the blueberries, or add banana slices or apple and serve with a sugar/cinnamon mix on top. The possibilities are endless once you discover the right mix for you.

So, you're welcome for that food-porn. This is one portion, and the recipe makes for two, so bring an appetite and enjoy your delicious Sunday breakfast. 


The Mindfoodist x


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