Sunday, August 7, 2016

Vegan Gluten Free Berry-Cheesecake | Its tea time

Hello beauties, welcome to the start of another new segment: "Its tea time".

I love traditions, and I love hosting and I love the elegant country life. I see myself in my future in a beautiful white apron serving Sunday tea to my perfect family on beautiful antique porcelain, in my elegant french country home. To be honest I will probably end up living in a caravan wanderlusting around, not giving my children a stable home, but girl can dream. 

Part of Mindfoodism is making food a celebration, and using all of your senses to fully indulge in the delicacies you prepare with creativity and love. A tradition like tea time fits right into my boat, so making your Sundays extra special by starting a little ritual, even if its just by yourself, and serving tea on the most beautiful porcelain you own with a little indulgence for you soul to bring yourself into the moment is something everybody who is interested in self-care and the holistic approach to wellbeing should consider. So this is my challenge to you guys, treat yourself, but when you do it, really commit. Make everything about your experience beautiful and invigorating. 

Now that I have introduced the segment: THIS CAKE IS EVERYTHING.
Please try it out, because its so freaking easy and delicious and everything I need in a Cheesecake. I actually picked a big portion of the berries I used in the forrest, how cute is that.
Its just so elegant and sophisticated and just fucking perfect.
(Sorry if my use of profanity offends you, I just don't know how else to describe it). So lets just just start...


250 gram coconut oil
1 cup fine GF oats

750 gram vegan curd. You can also use vanilla yogurt. I did half/half
1/3 cup sugar (depending on if your yogurt/custard is sweetened or not)
1/2 cup corn starch
1-2 cups of mixed berries
1 organic lemon

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius.
Melt 250 grams of coconut oil in a saucepan 
Mix the oats with the liquid coconut oil and set aside to cool off a little. 
Mix your Yogurt with the starch and the sugar and then juice a whole organic (!) lemon, skin and all. Add the juice to the cream mix.
Take a spring form baking pan and line the bottom with a baking sheet.
Then Press the oat/oil mix into the bottom, and about 2-3 centimetres on the sides. Use a cold spoon to really smooth it out. It will seem quite crumbly, but its going to turn nice and crunchy after you bake it. 
After you've pressed your base you, you can just pour in the filling and put it in the oven.
Leave it in for about. 50 minutes to an hour on the lowest level and  without air circulation. You will know when the cake is done when it starts splitting at the top.
Unfortunately you can't eat it right away, as it is essential to cool off in the fridge. The longer it stays in, the firmer the filling will be and the better it will taste.
But trust me, the waiting is worth the while because it tastes unreal.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post & you try it out, because I am IN LOVE with this recipe.


The Mindfoodist

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