Sunday, January 8, 2017

Intense Mediterranean Sundried Tomato Pasta Sauce

Good afternoon, its a beautiful sunny day on Mallorca where I am currently at with my Dad. Its our way of celebrating Christmas every year. We come home to our island. The island of the sun as I like to call it. With its mediterranean status tomatoes are, of course, a staple on the menu, and since growing up pasta with a beautiful lush garlicky tomato sauce was something we cooked a lot when we were on vacation, especially when sailing, I thought I would give those old days a little shout out and indulge in this warming calming dish filled with energy and goodness. 
Another fun fact is that tomatoes contain minerals and vitamins that protect your skin from the sun, which might be one of the many reasons it is consumed so much here in the south. Garlic of course is a no brainer, antioxidant, antiviral, anti fungal and anti people in any country that isn't Spain. Since everybody smells like garlic here nobody really does. That is why I sometimes eat up to two whole bulbs whenever Im here. 
I also love the taste of onions in a tomato sauce. Preferably red and still crisp and juicy when you bite on chunks. They give the sauce the sort of sweetness that really brings me back to my parents cooking.
The Sundried tomatoes they sell at the markets here are definitely the best I've ever had so they too are sneaked into every dish I make these days. Pepper, olive oil & Salt belong into every Tomato sauce and of course care & love when you're making it.

2 large tomatos
1 cup of sundried tomatoes
1 big red onion
1/3 cup of tomato concentrate
1 bulb of garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt & pepper
A squeeze of lemon

Chop your onion and roast them in a medium sized pan over high heat in the best Olive Oil you own. Then chop your tomatoes in generous cubes and add them to your onions. Next slice your garlic dried tomatoes and let them soak up all the flavour as you add them to your simmering sauce. I kept the pan over maximum heat for the entirety of the process, but keep in mind that every stove is different and you should always be near the pan and stir it so it doesn't burn. With high heat the flavours come out better I find and gives it a rustic feel.
Finally add the tomato concentrate along with 1/2-1 cup of water depending on how thick your sauce is and how thick you'd like it to be. Its chunky in nature, something I appreciate in sauces, but if you prefer silky smooth sauces instead you can always blend it up once you're done. 
Then add a squeeze of lemon salt & pepper and let it simmer for a while more.

Now take your favorite pasta and invite all your friends for a comida and a large siesta to match.

Hasta pronto Mindfoodists,

The Mindfoodist x

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  1. Tried it, and it is unbelievable tasty. The dried tomatoes makes it very rich and sweet. For me alone it was too much and the sauce became better the next two days. Super and easy dish. Thank you


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