Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Grain free butternut squash lasagne | When bae cooks for you

Hey mindfoodists, I hope you found back ok because I did change the url. We are at www.mindfoodist.com now and I can confidently say that that is where we will stay. I have some exciting things planned for the future, and I wanted to make sure I had a .com website because its less confusing. Today I am back with another segment of "When bae cooks for you" actually featuring my beautiful friend Jessica again. She came up with an amazing gluten free brownie last time that you can check out right here.
I got the chance to go down to Brighton in England a couple of weeks ago to visit her and when we're together we make some of the best food. Also, if you ever get a chance to go down there make sure to go to "Terre a Terre", unless you want to regret it forever. I don't think I've had better Vegan food in my life, and its quite famous around the UK for serving delicious gourmet meals in a cruelty-free fashion. The only fashion.
For today we have a delicious and super healthy recipe, this butternut squash lasagne.
I like to mention that a vegan lasagne was the first recipe I ever posted on here. Gluten-free featuring vegan cheese and heaven on earth, here is the recipe.
Jesses lasagne is a lot healthier but just as good.

1 package of Butternut Squash sheets (basically just thinly sliced large surfaced pieces of Butternut Squash which they sold at a local health food store, which are quite easy to make though if you have a got a steady hand)
3 Tomatos
1 Courgette
Nutritional yeast
Olive Oil

Preheat your oven to 180 Celsius.
Take a medium sized glass baking pan and grease it with olive oil. Chop your vegetables any way you want, but if you want this dish to have a lasagne like feel try and thinly slice them just like the Butternut Squash.
Now layer them onto the baking dish, starting with the squash, the Courgette and then the tomatoes.
Sprinkle the whole thing with Nutritional yeast and leave it in for around 40 minutes checking on it regularly. 
The amazing thing about this dish is that you can use any vegetables and spices you want. You could add some thyme or oregano, even some vegan cheese, mushrooms, spinach, garlic - The possibilities are endless. Whenever people say cooking is so hard, or they never know what to make I say that its just about being creative and trying out new things. If you don't have the confidence to completely wing it why don't you start by taking a recipe you know how to make and making different variations of the same dish. Like that you figure out which combinations taste great and what kind of a cuisine you prefer.

I urge you to try this out for a quick and super easy meal that nourished your cells to the max, and maybe consider serving it with a side of healthy home fries and a little tahini or vegan aioli to dip in to.

I hope you enjoyed this,

Stay tuned lovelies,


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